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Reduced price for Aquafan and Oltremare admission tickets

If you buy your Aquafan and Oltremare ticket in our hotel, you will:

- Get a 30% discount on the ticket price
- No queue at the ticket office
- The next day in the park is free
Aquafan is the most famous aquatic park in Europe and situated in the Riccione in-land territory. During the day you will be able to have fun splashing around in the large waving swimming pool and on the numerous water games. There are picnic areas and children equipped areas as well, and you will have the possibility to enjoy your meal at the several rest stops.
Thanks to the successful collaboration between Aquafan and Dj Radio, by night the park will convert into a disco and you will experience moments of pure enjoyment.

Oltremare, the most captivating theme park in Europe, is on the same hill as Aquafan. You will be able to spend in the sign of amusement, enjoying the spectacular performance of dolphins set in the accurate Adriatic creek reenactment; You will also have the chance of walking through naturalistic and environmental paths with a great variety of animal species. Not to be missed the IMAX 3D cinema inside the park, with audio and video state of the art technologies.